Mission Statement and Policies

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Our Promise to Clients

It’s our mission to provide you with the peace of mind knowing you’re in safe hands with us.

Our promise to clients is to fulfil the following obligations:

• Provide vetted, trained and experienced security staff
• Provide a consistently high quality service that compliments your image
• Set our prices at the most competitive level
• Provide insurance cover for all our security officers deployed to your premises
• Provide a written report within 12 hours of all incident and major occurrences
• Regular consultation with clients in our efforts to maintain high quality service

Quality Policy

To achieve customer satisfaction and meet requirements through continuous improvements of the quality management system.

LSS Mission Statement

London Security Services (UK) Limited is determined to achieve a leading position in the U.K Security Industry. We shall deliver quality service at competitive prices, we shall endeavour to retain a good percentage of our existing clients and we shall provide a good working environment for our security guards.

And Core Values

• We have adopted the following values:
• We shall strive our best to set high standards in all aspects of security guarding services.
• We shall create mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers.
• We shall recognise and appreciate the marketplace.
• We shall support the organisations who legislate, regulate and improve our security industry.
Social And Environmental Policies

LSS offers its most dedicated security guarding services and is conscious about the social and environmental impact of our activities and act in a responsible and proactive manner. We continue to develop and implement comprehensive and effective policies aimed at delivering good results and practice.

We have identified six key areas for the delivery of our services:

Environmental Management: We minimize the environmental impact of our daily guarding operations by developing an effective environmental policy.

Corporate Engagement: We deliver an improved corporate guarding service by making strategic partnerships with our customers, suppliers and the community at large.

Staff Management: We are committed to improving the best working practices at the workplace and also ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

Responsible Project Management: We ensure strict compliance with Health & Safety procedures for the safety and security of our guards, customers and stakeholders.

Transparent Communications: We are dedicated and committed to our clients, guards and other stakeholders to operate our business in an honest and transparent way.

Policy Statement

As a company committed to the communities in which we work, we understand our responsibility towards current and future generations. The Director has set this policy which commits the Company to:

• develop and continuously improve its environmental performance
• minimise the extent of environmental impacts of operations within the Company’s sphere of influence
• liaise with our clients on potential environmental issues and work with them to address concerns, in so far as project constraints permit
• strive to minimise any emissions or effluents which may cause environmental damage
• conserve energy through minimising consumption and maximising efficiency
• minimise the use of materials which may be harmful to the environment
• promote efficient purchasing which will both minimise waste and allow materials to be recycled where appropriate
• employ sound waste management practices
• Prevent pollution to land, air and water
• put in place procedures and support information that enables compliance with the law, regulations and codes of practice relating to environmental issues
• provide suitable training on environmental issues for employees
• recognise and encourage the contribution every employee can make towards improving environmental performance
• develop procedures and, where appropriate, set performance targets
• sustain and develop this policy by the implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS)
• monitor environmental performance, make regular reviews of the policy and EMS, and make improvements where possible
• It is our intention to wherever practicably possible reduce overall energy use, so reducing the overall energy costs incurred by us.
• We are also committed to reducing carbon and other emissions that impact upon the environment.
• We are committed to constantly improving energy efficiency.

This policy will be reviewed and updated when necessary, particularly in respect of major changes within the company and/or changes in legislation and bring these changes to the attention of all employees.

We will as a minimum comply with all environmental legislation in force in this jurisdiction and any other jurisdiction in which we carry on our business.

This policy is intended to be practical and relevant to all employees and simple to apply in everyday work situations.


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    SIA Approved

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