CCTV is an excellent form of security. Not only does it act as a deterrent for potential criminal acts, it also means large areas can be monitored from a single control room.

Here at London Security Services we believe Closed Circuit Television and CCTV training/monitoring is a vital tool for any company. That’s why we offer a top quality CCTV service at competitive prices.

The best kind of security service there is – and we’ve got it covered

CCTV is different from a conventional broadcast signal, in that it is transmitted only to specific monitors in the security control room.

In many ways, it’s the best kind of security available. It’s absolutely ideal for places such as:

• Bookmakers
• Casinos
• Retail shopping centers
• Airports
• Warehouses
• Delivery depots
• Banks
• Military installations
• Bars
• Pubs
• Nightclubs
• Roads
• City and town centers

Sure, the use of CCTV might provoke debate about privacy – especially when used in town centers – but there is no escaping the fact it offers peace of mind.

Imagine how useful it is to those traveling alone, or walking home in the dark. What’s more, it means security personnel can monitor areas that are just not feasible if relying on walking patrols alone.

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