You should never compromise on the security of your home or business. Greenwich, the charming London district known for its Maritime history, has suffered its fair share of crime. According to a report released by the Metropolitan Police, Greenwich recorded 1533 notable crimes in March 2013 alone.
It’s not what you expect from somewhere famous for its craft market and expensive restaurants. But it goes to show – an expert London security company is a vital asset most anywhere you live.

Greenwich – an unlikely crime hotspot?

The facts don’t lie – crime rates in Greenwich seem alarming. Just turn to a MET report and you’re faced with numbers of reported crimes in their thousands.

Among the different types of crimes recorded, anti-social behaviour, violence, theft from vehicles, and burglary recorded 692, 405, 125 and 119 cases respectively.

So with crime riding high in Greenwich, you cannot deny the need of a robust security system in place to protect your family, home, and business.

Why local security = better security

Hiring a local security service has many benefits.

Firstly, as locals themselves, security personnel understand the area much better. They have that kind of in-depth, special knowledge that only a local can have.

With their thorough understanding of the area and its inhabitants, local companies can protect you much better than any other external agency.

A wide range of security solutions

Our local security service in Greenwich provides a wide range of security solutions including retail security, store detectives, security guards, CCTV monitoring and training, special security arrangements for events, night club security services, concierge security services, dog handlers and much more.

So, whatever your security requirements may be, our locally-based company is equipped to offer complete and comprehensive protection.

Our local security firm is affordable, too

Local security services in Greenwich are affordable. So you won’t have to hesitate in securing your home, business, or family.

You’ll receive customized security packages depending on your requirements. On the whole, the service turns out to be cost effective. More importantly, you get services that are worth the money you pay.
Total peace of mind so you can enjoy the parks and museums!

All your worldly possessions mean nothing if you don’t have peace of mind. When you know that an efficient local security service is responsible for your safety, peace of mind comes naturally.
Security is important in all walks of life, especially in the current conditions where you cannot predict where and when violence may break out.

So hire our expert local Greenwich security company and live a safe life.

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