For most firms, keeping their overheads under control is very important. This has led some companies to try and manage without the services they normally use outside contractors for – such as security.
On paper, this might look like a good idea. However, many firms who have chosen to do so have realised that trying to do without security is, in reality, actually a pretty terrible idea.

Without security you’ll be a living target for savvy thieves

Companies often discover they’ve made themselves, their premises, and their equipment a soft target for thieves.

Criminal gangs wanting to carry out robberies and burglaries do their research. There’s no two ways about it. These guys are savvy. They look for premises without security and naturally choose to rob the easy-to-enter premises.

In other words, they always go for those companies without security.

Potential Problems with Workplace Insurance

Some firms have found that their insurance premiums have risen because they no longer have onsite security or an alarm system.

A few companies have failed to mention the fact they have changed their security arrangements to their insurance company to try to avoid paying higher premiums.

Mark our words – this is definitely not a wise move!

If there was ever a robbery, it can be difficult to get the insurance company to pay out in full without security. Don’t put yourself in that position!

Professional security services don’t have to be expensive

Fortunately, over the past few years, the cost of security services has fallen rather than risen. Security companies now use new technology to help them to provide a quality and dependent service at a low cost.

Most firms will take a look at your business premises, present the options to you along with the costs, and allow you to choose the type of security you use for each site.

This tailored approach saves money and makes securing your business premises properly affordable and easy.